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The Figure 8:
How to Be Healthy
Women in Activism 

  • How to diagnose the best role for you in social movements
  • Strategies to avoid burn out
  • Finding and separating your allies from your advocates
  • Historicizing women in activism 
  • Familiarizing attendees with women under 40 currently involved in activism 

Racial Reconciliation:
How to Cultivate Healthy Multi-Ethnic Communities

  • Empathy practicum with focus on application in dialogues about race
  • Reading and discussion of modern and contemporary poets' approach to race
  • Diagnosing where you are on the spectrum of reconciliation 
  • Debunking arguments
  • Brainstorm session for solutions 

Empathy Practicum:
Dignifying and Privileging Others


  • Exercise 1: Removing The Scales
  • Exercise 2: Calling Us By Our Real Names
  • Exercise 3: Contextualizing The Other
  • Exercise 4: Decentralizing The Self 
  • Exercise 5: The Reveal

Writing Workshop I:
Techniques in Generation

  • Helping attendees create new work via writing exercises
  • Introducing solutions for writers block
  • Collaboration session 

Writing Workshop II: Techniques in Editing 


  • M.F.A style critique of attendee's previous work
  • Introduction to and practice with editing exercises
  • Collaboration session